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We recommend that you contact your credit card company to add your new US address as an authorized shipping address. Many US retailers use address screening services to prevent fraud and this simple step may alleviate any delays in processing your orders.
You’re ready to start shopping! Purchase from as many US stores as you would like. When completing the checkout process, simply use your own name and personal information with your new US address from My American Shipper as the shipping address.
The stores will ship your items to our California warehouse. As your items arrive, we’ll open each package, take a picture of the contents, and email you right away to inform you that your items have safely arrived. You can also view and manage your items by logging into your account.
You can initiate shipment to your doorstep at any time by selecting the “Ship Now” button in your account. Until that time, your items will be securely stored in your own dedicated space in our warehouse for up to 45 days at no charge. We will consolidate all orders that arrive within that time frame. This service is free and saves you money on shipping!
Upon your “Ship Now” request, we will consolidate and pack your items, then provide your shipping options including transit times and costs. You choose the option you prefer and My American Shipper will ship your items to you within 24 hours and send you the tracking details. When you’re ready to shop again, we’ll be here ready and waiting to serve you!