General Info

What does it cost to sign up with My American Shipper?
It's FREE!!!

Is there a limit to the amount of items I can ship to My American Shipper?
No - You can shop and ship from as many US stores as you'd like!

Are there size restrictions on the items I can ship to My American Shipper?
No! You can ship whatever you'd like to us but anything weighing more than 150 lbs will be forwarded onto you directly. We will not hold items above 150lbs.

Can you tell me more about the US address you provide? Is this a P.O. Box?
We provide you the address to our warehouse with your own unique Box Number which helps us identify your order. This is not a P.O. Box address.

Are my Packages Insured?
Yes - My American Shipper pays for the insurance on your items. It's Free Insurance at no cost to you!

Is there a waiting/approval period from the time I register to the time I start shopping with my new My American Shipper address and mail box number?
No. Shop away!

Can you receive items for my mailbox with someone else's name on the package?
No. We will only accept items for the registered owner of the mailbox.

Can I choose to send items in my mailbox to more than one location?
No. MyAmericanShipper will only ship all parcels in a mailbox to one location.

Do you keep my personal information private and secure?
Yes! We value your trust and respect your privacy and are committed to protecting both. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

What telephone number should I use when placing my order with US retailers?
MyAmericanShipper provides a US phone number upon registration.