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General Info

What does it cost to sign up with My American Shipper?

It's FREE!!!

Is there a limit to the amount of items I can ship to My American Shipper?

No - You can shop and ship from as many US stores as you'd like!

Are there size restrictions on the items I can ship to My American Shipper?

No! You can ship whatever you'd like to us but anything weighing more than 150 lbs will be forwarded onto you directly. We will not hold items above 150lbs.

Can you tell me more about the US address you provide? Is this a P.O. Box?

We provide you the address to our warehouse with your own unique Box Number which helps us identify your order. This is not a P.O. Box address.

Are my Packages Insured?

Yes - My American Shipper pays for the insurance on your items. It's Free Insurance at no cost to you!

Is there a waiting/approval period from the time I register to the time I start shopping with my new My American Shipper address and mail box number?

No. Shop away!

Can you receive items for my mailbox with someone else's name on the package?

No. We will only accept items for the registered owner of the mailbox.

Can I choose to send items in my mailbox to more than one location?

No. MyAmericanShipper will only ship all parcels in a mailbox to one location.

Do you keep my personal information private and secure?

Yes! We value your trust and respect your privacy and are committed to protecting both. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information.

What telephone number should I use when placing my order with US retailers?

MyAmericanShipper provides a US phone number upon registration.



What types of payment will My American Shipper accept?

Diners Club
Debit Cards

Will I have to pay Import Duties and Taxes? Will you lower invoice values?

You are responsible for paying any Import Duties and Taxes levied against your shipment. We will not lower invoice values.

Can I update my credit card information you currently have on file?

Yes. Please simply log into your account and update your credit card information.

Will My American Shipper accept packages COD and charge me for them upon shipping?

No. MyAmericanShipper will refuse all COD packages.



What Shipping Companies do you use?

DHL and Post Office - you get to choose your preferred method during the registration process. You can change your preferred method by logging into your account and updating your preferences.

How do you determine shipping weight?

My American Shipper uses the weight standards for international shipping set by IATA. We use actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever is the greater of the two.
Shipping Diagram

You received my items. When will they ship?

We will send you an e-mail notification when we receive your item. At that point you can log into your account and tell us to "Ship Now" or you can choose to simply wait and we'll ship it out to you after 45 days of receipt of the first item in your mailbox.

What are your shipping rates?

Click Here to see our competitive shipping rates.

Can I see which countries you will ship to?

Click Here for a list of countries.

Are there items that you will NOT ship?

We will not ship items that are restricted or prohibited by the shipping companies or Customs at the destination country.

How long will it take for me to receive my parcel after it leaves your warehouse?

DHL - typically 2 to 6 days Post Office - 1 to 2 weeks. We are not responsible for delays due to acts of god or customs.

Do I have to use the address I registered with as my ship to address for my mailbox items?

No. When you are ready to ship your items log into your MyAmericanShipper account and use the "Add Alternate Ship To Address" and click the "Ship Now" option. We will forward your parcels onto the alternate address. Please note that the "Alternate Ship To Address" is a per transaction feature and that address will not be stored in our system for future shipments.

I don't understand US Pounds (lbs) - how do I covert the weight into Kilo Grams (KG)?

Enter Weight:
Convert to Kg
Convert to LBS
Result: answer appears here

Will you ship items within the United States?

Yes. If you did not set your default address as a US address you can use our "Alternate Ship To Address" feature (done during the "SHIP NOW" option) or you can update your default address by logging into your account.



Will you consolidate my items?

Yes - For Free!

How does parcel consolidation work? Do you charge fees for this service?

Parcel consolation is where MyAmericanShipper will place all of your items into one box. This helps you save on shipping rates. There is no additional fee for this service.

Will you hold my items for me at your warehouse? If so, for how long?

Yes. We will hold your items for up to 45 days. The clock starts ticking when we receive your first parcel.


Mail Forwarding

Will My American Shipper receive mail on my behalf and forward onto me?

No. My American Shipper does not support US mail forwarding.

Do I need to provide form 1583 to My American Shipper?

No. MyAmericanShipper is currently not offering mail forwarding services. (Check back in the near future for this service!)


Order Issues

The store I'm buying an item from is not approving my credit card. Do you know why this is? Can you help?

Make sure that you've contacted your Credit Card company and added your MyAmericanShipper address as a secondary ship to address. Please visit our sister site that was created specifically to assist you with purchases from stores that will not accept Non-US credit cards. will purchase the item on your behalf using their US Credit Card and bill you for it as well as ship it directly to you!

I've changed my mind and don't want my items any more - what can I do about this?

If you do not have an e-mail notifying you that we've received the item please contact the store and cancel your order. If you wish to return an item after its arrived into our warehouse you can notify us and we'll return the item to the store and charge you the domestic shipping charge and a $20 dollar handling fee.

I received my items and there was damage. What do I do?

Contact customer service and we'll issue a claim with the carrier. Once a determination has been made by the carrier we will honor that decision. Should a claim refund be issued we will credit your card for the amount of the damage.

I shop on e-bay and many individuals will not take credit cards. Can you help me with this?

Please visit our sister site that was created specifically to assist you with purchases from stores that will not accept Non-US credit cards. will purchase the item on your behalf using their US Credit Card and bill you for it as well as ship it directly to you!

What happens if My American Shipper notices that my items are damaged when they get to your warehouse?

We will contact the store on your behalf and attempt to exchange the item.

Customs seized my package. What do I do?

Contact your local customs office.

The item I received is not what I wanted - I want to exchange it - what can I do?

You must work directly with the store you purchased the item from in regards to your exchange. You can have the item forwarded onto your MyAmericanShipper address and we will receive and ship out the item like any other normal order.